June 8, 2012

It's a shameful admission, but in recent months we've been neglecting the "Remote Window Display" in favor of almost-daily Fbook posts. For those who disdain social media and prefer our blog, we've finally brought over some of this spring's goodies:

Only a pop-up book could so vividly portray the virile thrust of a moon launch.
Your assignment: teach the children of Soviet Estonia to loathe vermin and microbes. 
Bonus feature: paper footprints.
As an alternative to playing sudoku on your lunch break, you could try to decode the dense and baffling info-graphics in a 1950s Japanese atlas...
Lewis Carroll reimagined as anti-Prussian propaganda: "Twas dertag, and the slithy Huns / Did sturm and sturgel through the sludge; / All bulgous were the blunderguns, / and the bosch bombs outbludge."
Some of us have already made up our minds on this subject.
"It is the bones, tough gristle, and tendons, that interfere with the easy progress of the knife."
The practice of hipster-baiting is more than five decades old.
A book whose juju is irresistible... though that may reveal more about its audience than its subject.
If you changed the title to "21st Century Bibliophiles," this could double as a study of typical Monkey's Paw habituées.
It's endearing that the two of them are still together after all these years.
"I venture to predict that future generations will be taught telepathy in the schools, and that eventually it will partly replace the wireless."
For drawing-room thespians: an inspiring handbook on the lost art of dramatic recitation.
A taxonomy of the entire manufactured world, organized in a single volume: catnip for systematic types who are obsessed with the precise naming of things.
Our latest business plan calls for a portable bookshop, which could be transported from place to place on the backs of camels.